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My name is Lyndsey, and I created Saturday Supper Club to celebrate my passion for making tasty drinks, delicious food, and curating spaces in my home for hosting casual and fancy gatherings alike!

As a self-proclaimed homebody who doesn’t always feel like venturing out into the city for social get-togethers, I began stocking my bar cart with the essentials to make sure I always had the ingredients on hand for a nice cocktail at home. I started luring my friends over with the promise of fancy libations and good tunes, and my place quickly became the go-to spot for cozy meetups.

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Lyndsey lives in Colorado with her fiancé and her two perfect rescue pitbulls.

Over the years, the parties have grown in both size and style as I’ve honed my cooking and tablescaping skills. From simple girls’ nights to holiday feasts, I know no better way to show my love than by making my favorite people feel happy around my dining table. And while I might be partial to Saturdays and festivities revolving around suppertime, I definitely don’t discriminate against dinners for two, home happy hours or Sunday brunches. 

SSC is here to be a fun stop for the aspiring host or a place to visit when you just really need to find a good cocktail recipe. All are welcome in my club! I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s have a toast!

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