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A Post With A Toast…And A Poem

First, a cute haiku…

Spring blooms say farewell, Summer’s embrace is here now, Sun’s warmth fills the air.

We had the wettest, greenest most magical blooming spring in Colorado this year, and even though it’s officially summer I can’t pretend to be sad that it’s not 100 degrees yet every day and that these frequent afternoon rain showers haven’t been tugging at my moody girl heartstrings.

My lawn is perfect with no help yet from my sprinkler system, I’ve barely had to water my garden beds and they are thriving, and I’ve been enjoying frequent sits in my screened in porch while my wine glass runneth over with pet-nat. I will appreciate every last drop of moisture while we have it because soon enough the only respite from the stifling heat will be patio misters, popsicles and pool days (Which also sound pretty great, if you ask me. I’m just trying to live in the moment over here).

The end of spring/beginning of summer makes me think about rhubarb.

I. Love. Rhubarb.

I love the way it tastes on its own, I love the way it smells, and I love all of the lovely ways to incorporate it into different desserts. Mostly, though, I love the nostalgia that is attached to it for me.

When I was a kid, my grandfather had a giant rhubarb patch in his backyard, and he would send my sister and cousins and me out to harvest some stalks while he grabbed a little plate with some sugar for dipping. I was the only weirdo that opted out of the sugar dish because I loved how sour it was by itself. He would chuckle as he puckered his mouth and wrinkled his nose in discomfort while I happily munched away.

I’ve been dreaming of the perfect rhubarb cocktail to segue us from spring to summer, and this variation of a cosmopolitan is just the ticket. Cheers!

Rhubarb Cosmopolitan

This cosmo recipe uses a homemade rhubarb simple syrup and it’s dangerously delicious and refreshing. You won’t be able to enjoy just one!

Category: Drinks

Serving: 1 drink How To Make Rhubarb Simple Syrup

You’ll need: 1. 1lb of fresh rhubarb into 1 inch chunks 2. 1 cup of granulated sugar 3. ½ cup of water -Add all ingredients to a medium saucepan and heat over medium low, stirring occasionally

-Simmer until rhubarb cooks down and becomes soft and jammy (about 10 minutes), mashing the chunks with the back of your stirring spoon to release juices

-Strain through a fine mesh strainer

-Cool to room temp before using

Cocktail Ingredients:

1.5oz citrus vodka

.5oz dry vermouth

.5oz fresh lime juice

.75oz unsweetened cranberry juice

.5oz homemade rhubarb simple syrup


1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously until the outside is frosty.

2. Double strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass.

3. Garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy!



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